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Impressive glass

For decoration and everyday use:
GlasGo glass-products provide a very special and harmonious ambiance.

Our plates, glasses, ashtrays and vases are real eyecatchers and a highlight
for hotels, gastronomy and retail.

Convincing prices

GlasGo offers more than an attractive price-performance ratio.

As we purchase directly from the factories and avoid additional distributors we can offer unique conditions.

Perfect service

With GlasGo you profit from the quality and the know-how of one of the eldest and largest glass-refinement
factories in Europe. Our suppliers equally rank among Europe’s biggest manufactories.
Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung  |  Homologation
Qualität aus Deutschland
seit 1960

Quality made in Germany
since 1960

Qualité d'Allemagne
depuis 1960
Glas Deluxe.
Farbe bekennen. Stil beweisen.